The Firewall Sei La!

Today, the New York Times finally tore down its online subscription firewall. There are many good reasons to celebrate the death of a firewall. Here is my selfish one–now I can share this beloved old article with you:

MY MANHATTAN; Chinatown: Eat, Drink and Speak Cantonese


Published: July 25, 2003

Yummy Noodles is a cheap, no-frills diner —
what in Hong Kong would be called a cha chaan teng — on the Bowery in
Chinatown. I eat there a lot because it is exactly like the little
joints where I used to lunch in Kowloon and the New Territories when I
was studying Cantonese in Hong Kong last summer. It also has the best
roast-pork noodles in the city, a judgment I make based on serious time
spent roaming Chinatown in May and June, searching for the ur-bowl of
Cantonese roast-pork noodles that would comfort me for having to stick
around New York instead of returning for another summer semester
sojourn at the Chinese University at Hong Kong..

(read the whole article here)


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