Passage to India

I’m off for several weeks on a business trip to India. I will try to dig up some Cantonese culture while I’m there, and I’ll report back whenever I get Internet access on the road. In the meantime I’ve arranged for not just one but two guest bloggers to help me keep Learning Cantonese rolling several times weekly with new ideas and stories.
    The guest bloggers are…well, to build up some suspense I will just say one is of Hong Kong’s best and brightest, and the other is one of Hong Kong’s finest….
    While I’m away from Hong Kong, it might take a bit longer than usual for your comments to be posted up on the site. Thank you for your patience. And also for your comments and participation, all of which has really taken me by surprise. On the little map in the corner of the home page there are red dots in Tanzania and Guam, even.
    Anyway I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, gung hei faat choi!


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