Is Loving Hong Kong a Crime?

Star Ferry demonstrators, January 12, 2007

I was coming out of the MTR at Central just now and ran head on into this procession coming down Des Veaux road. So I turned on my heel and followed the young protesters with their necks and wrists locked in their improvised cardboard stocks. They paraded around the corner two by two. Longhair was there, of course, and in-between his slogan shouting someone played a recording of the clock tower chimes going Ding dong! Ding dong!.

Just before Queen’s Road, they stopped and gathered in the lane. Media cameras moved in. A protester dressed as the Star Ferry clock tower fell down, dramatically, to the pavement and lay there completely still. Dead.

The characters read: Ngoi Heung Gong Yauh Jeuih? Love Hong Kong Has Offense?

Is loving Hong Kong a crime?

I looked up for a signpost, just then, because I wanted to report the location of this little street correctly–I had forgotten the name.

It was Theatre Lane. Perfect.

(This past week Ho Loy, one of the leaders of the December 15 protest, was arraigned on criminal and weapons posession charges for allegedly cutting a canvas scrim with a box cutter during the action to stop the government from demolishing the old Star Ferry Clock Tower. The protesters marched all the way here from Sheung Wan police station to support her. Ms. Ho will have another hearing in Eastern Court this Wednesday.)


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